Home Sausages

Glaysher Family Butchers make over 100 varieties of delicious hand-made sausages; using local Hampshire pork, beef, lamb and venison for the fillings.

We have won a number of awards for our sausages such as Minator Magic sausage (made from lamb, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes and black olive).

Our Special Sausages

Award winning handmade sausages

We have over 100 flavors of sausages.

these include all the classics like pork and apple, Cumberland and spicy pork.

we also offer some interesting flavor creations like, venison and black current, pork Cheddar and bacon and marmalade sausages!

We do specialties sausages for celebration dates, our previous recipes included:

LUV Sausage - For your valentines sweeter side.

Halloween Sausage - Pork and mischievous Pumpkin

St David's Sausage (Lamb, Welsh leek and Snowdonian cheese)

St Patricks' Leprechaun Sausage (with an Irish Tipple)

St Georges Day' Dragons Bite (Hot and Spicy)